What Is an Introvert? – Definition of an Introvert


An introvert is an introverted person who prefers to spend time alone. An introvert prefers less stimulating environments and often avoids spending too much time in social situations.

An introvert is a person who prefers his or her own time over social situations. An introverted person often likes to spend his/her time alone thinking, reading, relaxing, or just spending time doing something he or she enjoys.


An introvert loses energy in social situations while an extrovert gains energy in social situations.

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Introvert and Social Situations

Many introverts tend to feel drained after social situations. For many introverts social interaction takes energy rather than gives it. Thus, introverts usually need to spend some or a lot og time alone recharging our batteries to regain energy after socializing.

Sometimes an introverted person can be perceived as a reserved person especially in social situations and bigger groups because an introvert is usually not the most talkative person of the group and the introverted person tends to open up slowly compared to extroverted fellows. We introverts might not talk too much, but when we do we usually have something to say.

Many introverts are good listeners and like to observe the social situation rather than being a very active talker. Thus, some may perceive that an introverted person is antisocial and doesn’t like being around other people. We introverts know, this is not always true. Introverts like to be around other people too, but not for too long and usually we like to listen and think first.

Common Misconceptions About Introverts

Introverts are often referred to as antisocial, awkward, nerdy, unfriendly, shy and withdrawn people. While these characteristics may be true for some introverts, for some they are merely misconceptions because of their introverted personality. Being an introvert doesn’t automatically mean that this somewhat quiet person is antisocial and doesn’t like other people.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean that we, the introverted people are just shy or antisocial or that we are behaving unfriendly when we don’t talk all the time. We introverts need and want other people in our lives too family, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. The difference between the extroverted people and introverts is that we introverts need more time to spend on our own. We need time to think and dwell in our own thoughts. Many of us introverts need a lot of time to spend alone compared to many extroverts who quite often get energy and thus enjoy time spent on social situations. We introverts are not being antisocial, when we leave the party early or do not show up at all, we just might be needing our own time to recharge at that moment.

Is It Normal to Be an Introvert?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to be an introvert! Being an introvert is completely normal and it has been estimated that around 30–50 percent of the population are introverts. The estimates vary a lot. Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you are somehow abnormal, antisocial, shy or misfit by definition.

Are you an introvert?

Being an introvert is interesting. As an introvert you can spend a long time alone doing something you like and not feeling lonely at all! The best part of it is that after spending some time alone, you feel refreshed and recharged.



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