Career and Jobs for Introverts

Career Opportunities for Introverts

There may be times when your career and employment plans are clear as a clear sky. Those times when everything seems clear and you know exactly what to study, what field to work at, what kind of company to work at, what kind of career to pursue, how to develop your self professionally, and so on. And then there are those times when your career and employment plans are very foggy. Nothing seems clear and you are wondering what are my strengths, what are my weaknesses, what am I good at, what are my challenges at work and so forth. Especially if you are an introvert you may be thinking about how your introverted personality affects your career, your possibilities on advancement, and what kind of career would be a good choice for you as an introvert.

Observe and remember, that this website is for general information purposes only. These are not professional advice, but rather ideas, thoughts and experiences of a fellow introvert. You should always seek appropriate counsel from professionals before acting on any advice.

Questions About Career 

As an introvert, you may have many questions about career, job opportunities, your possibilities and so on. Here are some questions that you may have already in your mind. Even if these are not in your mind yet; you may end up thinking these sooner or later when you think about your new job opportunities as an introvert.

  • What am I good at as an introvert?
  • What are my strengths as an introvert?
  • What are my weaknesses as an introvert?
  • What career should I pursue as an introvert?
  • What are good jobs for introverts?
  • What should I study and learn?


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