Dear readers welcome to What Introvert! At the time of writing this first post of, as you already know, the world is hugely affected by the coronavirus. The effects of the spreading virus are huge in our everyday lives and now we live in times of uncertainty.

Challenges ahead

The direct and indirect effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19, ) may depend a lot on many aspects such as where you live, your health condition, what is your current situation in life, what field you work or study at, and countless other things, which I can not even name. One thing is for sure; coronavirus is a global threat and it will affect many lives in so many ways. The virus will affect our lives even in many ways that we don’t know yet.

The times we live now are totally different compared to one year ago. Today many countries have already closed schools, limited public events, and gatherings, restricted traveling, even closed borders and restricted freedom to move inside the country.

The world is in turmoil, not only in the health of the infected people, their relatives, and the health care system, but also in other areas of life such as economics, social interactions, and many other fields of life. People all over the world and from all walks of life are now needed to adopt and embrace new habits and brush up some old ones in areas such as hygiene, social interaction, communication, work, hobbies, etc.

Social distancing should prevent the spreading of the contagious virus

This is not part of my expertise, but what I have read; social distancing is a term used to describe some of the actions of health officials and people to try to slow down and eventually stop the spread of contagious diseases such as the current coronavirus. This is not by any means a recommendation towards any actions or inactions. You should always check information and counseling on any recommendations and restrictions from your own government’s official sources. This is just an observation of a fellow introvert.

Some actions of social distancing include limiting the gatherings of large groups of people, canceling events where people gather together, closing services and buildings where there are large numbers of people present, and also limiting the amount of face-to-face interaction to the bare minimum to avoid possible situations where the contagious virus might spread.

Introverts are good at social distancing by nature

From the perspective of an introvert these kinds of acts of social distancing sound relatively easy to adopt. Many introverts may act according to these kinds of actions in their own everyday life, but of course for totally different reasons than social distancing due to the spreading virus.

Social distancing means practically that there are no big events to attend to and there will be less social interaction face-to-face during our daily lives. Trying to see the good in the bad, basically all this means more time to spend alone in solitude and this is almost a basic necessity for us introverts every once in a while.

For some, social distancing may mean that a bigger part of our daily communication will be done in writing using communication tools such as online meeting tools rather than talking and interacting face to face.

Now we live in times when we introverts finally don’t need to come up with any excuses when we just want to stay at home alone. We know how to spend our time in solitude wandering in our minds and focusing on something that interests us. In the meanwhile, let’s not forget the people who are important to us; our family and relatives, friends, colleagues and so on. Although we introverts are well used to spending time at home in solitude; at these times it is important to make good use of technology and stay in touch with the people who matter to us by texting, emailing and calling for instance.

Thank you for reading and all the best at these uncertain times. Stay strong!

When solitude is a must and you need to stay home; make good use of your time

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