Social distancing and quarantine at home create great opportunities to spend time differently from our everyday life. Distancing yourself physically from others gives you more time to do something you wouldn’t normally have time to do. This also creates an opportunity for you to focus on something you wouldn’t normally do because usually you have your calendar filled with other activities. Get creative with your quarantine activities! Here are some tips on how to spend time alone at home.

For some people staying at home in quarantine and avoiding face-to-face contact may be very difficult at first, so I decided to collect some tips and tricks from the point of an introvert on how to spend time in solitude. We introverts enjoy the solitude and know how to do it. Social distancing is almost like another day in our lives.

For many introverts, quarantine doesn’t necessarily change our day to day life that much. We introverts are used to social distance and solitude. We are used to staying at home and spending time on our own because of our introverted personality. There are so many things you can do at home while staying at home (forced to do so or not). Let’s dive into some fun, productive and creative quarantine activities.

Get your surroundings fixed, cleaned and organized

Now that you finally have all the time you need, it is a good idea to do some cleaning and organizing at home. You can clean your house or your room, organize your home, clean and organize your bookshelves and cupboards, clean and organize garage and storage rooms and do some gardening. Do some laundry, wash dishes, and do other household chores. Make your home comfortable.

Take care of your health and wellbeing

Quarantine and isolating yourself at home is a great time to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. Make sure that your quarantine activities include enough time for yourself.

Rest well and sleep long. Exercise at home doing different kinds of body workouts and finally spend some time with your spinning bike, an exercise mat, kettlebell or whatever you may have at home. Now you have time (and energy after resting well) to take good care of your physical well being.

Now you also should have a great time to eat properly. Prepare for yourself good and healthy meals and bake some nice desserts. Quarantine and social distancing make time for you for cooking, baking and especially learning new skills on those. Now you have time to try that new recipe (provided that you can have all the ingredients needed).

Socialize from the comfort of your own home

Once you have taken good care of your own wellbeing and surroundings; it is a good time to get social from the safety of your home. Now you have time to call friends and family, keep up to date with distant relatives and call that old friend of yours.

We introverts tend to prefer text messages, emails, WhatsApp, etc. of course, so don’t wonder if we prefer to keep in touch in writing and don’t forget we still might not do that so much.

A bit more advanced way of getting social from the quarantine is, of course, using the modern tools of online communication by having online meetings with tools like Skype, Teams, etc. There are many, very good, online meeting platforms out there. Now is a good time to arrange an online meeting with friends and family.

Improve the future you; learn new skills

Now that you have been socializing and taking care of your own wellbeing, it is time to think what comes next, after all this need of social distancing and quarantine eases up and goes away. What will you be after all this? Stronger, better, wiser, perhaps?

Now you have a great time to learn new skills. The Web is full of great online learning platforms offering thousands and thousands of hours of learning material in forms of online courses, videos, exercises, and other content.

Now you have time to learn new skills and improve your existing skills. The online learning platforms are great for us introverts by the way! Check out the Resources page for some recommendations on online learning platforms.

Spend time and relax

It all comes down to this; there should always be some enjoyable and relaxing quarantine activities. When being alone in solitude for a long time; eventually you want to just relax, take it easy and do nothing special. You can watch movies from Netflix, read books or ebooks (check out Amazon for some new books and ebooks). Play games. With online games, you may even socialize with friends over the web. Watch some documentaries, vlogs, etc from YouTube. And one of my favorites is to watch some TED Talks; they are a great way to spend time and learn something new along the way.

Prepare for the future

Phew, that was already quite a lot of things to do while you are alone at home in almost complete isolation. If you have done all that already, then what is next? If you are an enthusiastic athlete, use your time to prepare for the next time you’re able to do your sport. Prepare and wash your gear. Clean and fix your bike, wash your sport garments, etc. Plan your season ahead, do some more stretching, etc. If you are an eager home chef, sharpen your kitchen knives. You will always find something to do. Now you have the time.


Get creative and productive with your quarantine activities

One more thing, for all of you creative and productive people. Now is your time to shine. What would be better quarantine activities than to create and also start and maybe finish the projects you have always dreamed of; now you have time for it. Let your creative inner self do its thing. Paint that painting, draw that drawing, compose that piece of music, create that website, code that nice game or an app. If you like writing, now it is a good time to start writing what you have always dreamed of. Grammarly is an amazingly helpful and easy to use, grammar checker tool to help you improve your writing. I can recommend you to give it a try.

That is all for now. I hope you got some ideas on how to make most out of these days in solitude whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. I guess most of us introverts already have what it takes to spend time in isolation. However, even we introverts may get bored from time to time (but this is just a theory).

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