It is easy for us introverts to spend hours and even days in complete solitude. We like to spend time reading books, watching movies, learning new skills in subjects we like amongst many other things. Anything as long as we do not need to interact with too many people all day long. One thing that seems to be very common for us introverts, is the examination of our own thoughts and feelings, also known as introspection. We introverts tend to love introspection so much, that we could almost do it all day long every day of the year and in fact, many of us do at some level. Of course, we need to eat, sleep, work, socialize, etc like everyone else, but we may be still practicing introspection throughout the day.

What is introspection?

Introspection is the examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings (Wikipedia: Introspection). We leave the science behind that for scientists and professionals and focus on the examination of our own minds. For an introvert, introspection might be a very common part of our daily routines. We are thinking all the time about our own feelings and thoughts anyway so we don’t even need to make any effort for this process called introspection.

  • What do I think about this?
  • What makes me think like this?
  • What am I feeling about this?
  • Why am I feeling this way?

These are very common questions of an introverted mind, not so that these should be actively asked and answered, but something that just passes our mind very easily during the day. Introspection is by no means something that only an introvert can do, but still, introspection is a very natural thing for an introverted person, since we introverts like to spend time with our own thoughts and feelings anyways.

Introspection is natural for us introverts

Thinking about and examining more closely our own thoughts and feelings is very natural for us introverts. We like to see things from within, so is the case for thoughts and feelings. We often tend to think about what we think and feel about the current situation, or an event, or practically anything in life. We may be thinking about how I feel about this, what this makes me feel, why I think like this, what makes me think about this particular issue, etc.

Wandering mind and daydreaming


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