Many of us introverts like to spend a lot of time alone and stay in isolation away from other people from time to time. We like the solitude, the silence, and the possibility to spend time alone. We have a natural need, based on our introverted personality, to spend time in solitude to recharge our social energy and to regain energy levels. In a way, we introverts are natural talents at social distancing which comes a handy skill at the times when there is a pandemic spreading around the world.

Stop the coronavirus from spreading by staying at home

At times like these, when coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading around the world; it is very important that everyone does one’s deeds to prevent the virus from spreading. This literally means everyone! We all must do our part now.

What can all of us introverts do to help and give our contribution to stopping the virus from spreading? We are instructed to avoid physical contact and maintain social distance, to stay at home in other words. I think almost all of us introverts have already been staying at home and avoiding people almost all our life. So what can we do more other than continuing to stay at home away from other people?

Help others to spend time at home

At times like these, we introverts can also help others to stay at home and spend some time in isolation. We introverts already know how to spend time alone in solitude and know how to stay active and productive while staying at home. If you know someone who struggles to stay at home when he or she should be practicing social distancing then you can now encourage your family, friends, colleagues, relatives and other people close to you to stay at home. Give them ideas on how to spend time alone and enjoy staying at home.

Recently I wrote an article called “Quarantine Activities; Tips from an Introvert to Spend Time Alone”. From the article, you can find some tips and ideas on what to do when spending a lot of time alone at home and staying away from other people. Take a look and share some of the best ideas with people around you if you think it might be helpful for them. Now it is important to do your part and stay at home when it is possible and when you are not needed elsewhere and also encourage others to do so too.

What to do at home when social distancing? – Tips from an introvert.

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