Many of us introverts have some profound personality traits in common. We introverts come in many shapes and sizes and also with different kinds of personalities. In this article, I wanted to discuss some of the very common personality traits of introverts including our need for solitude, slow communication style and love of introspection. But before we begin with those, it is good to point out some misconceptions about the personality traits of introverts.

If you talk with a non-introverted person about introverts and introversion, you may hear words such as shy, closed, reserved, and cold. While some of these may be true to some individual introverts; they might not be true for other introverts. These are not in fact personality traits of introverts only. An extroverted person might also be shy, closed, reserved or cold as well. Being an introvert is something other than that. Yes, you can be shy and introverted, but being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean that you are shy.

But what are introverts like under the hood, so to speak? Let’s dive into five common personality traits of introverts, which I think quite many introverts can relate to at some level.

Social interaction drains the energy of us introverts

For an introverted person, many social interactions and social events drain and consume our energy whereas social interactions give energy to an extroverted person. In other words, introverts lose energy and might feel tired, and most likely will do so, after socializing a bit longer period of time. For instance, a social event, such as a party, most likely does not give energy to us introverts but rather take it away from us. Therefore we might feel that we need to regain our energy after this social interaction, and it has nothing to do with the people we have been interacting with or their personality. Leaving a party early or staying alone at home after socializing most likely just means that we are out of energy and need to regain it, which is almost like social distancing to some extent.

Because social interaction drains our energy as introverts, we need to select carefully what social situations we want and can engage in during our daily lives to conserve our energy. We need to conserve our energy especially if we can not take the necessary breaks to recharge during the day. We introverts are simply not being rude if we want to be left alone from time to time, but we just want to recharge and regain our energy.

Introverts tend to put up a wall

We introverts might feel like cold and distant people to some and there is a good reason for that. Once again, we introverts are not being rude when we seem a bit distant or reserved. Many of us introverts tend to put up a wall, so to speak, to protect ourselves from the overstimulation of the world and especially social situations. Especially in the modern era there are tons of stimulation such as text messages, emails, phone calls, social interaction in events, hallways and grocery stores, advertisements, and so forth.

The huge amount of stimulation of the modern world is simply overwhelming at the end of the day for many introverts and it drains once again our energy rather than gives it. Because of this, we need to protect ourselves from the overstimulating world. Thus many introverts put up a wall to protect from the stimulation. This wall is like a shield, which can be very tough to penetrate. We are not trying to distance ourselves from others but to protect our own energy levels and wellbeing.

Introverts communicate slowly

You can usually spot an introvert from a group of people that are having a nice chat. The introverted person is not only a bit quieter and obviously the more observing person than the more talkative counterparts of the conversation. The introverted person is most likely also talking somewhat slower. Answering questions and formulating ideas at his or her own pace.

The introvert is usually not the one who contributes to small talk and starts to speak before he or she has something to say. This slowness in communication is usually due to the fact that we introverts tend to need time to formulate our own mind and to have a more clear picture of the topic in hand before we are ready to speak. Simply put as an introvert I could say: I may be slow to speak up but I am not stupid. When I talk I usually have something to say.

Introverts need solitude

Like said before, we introverts tend to lose our energy in social situations over time and therefore we need to recharge from time to time. The best way for an introvert to recharge is often being alone in solitude. Being in solitude gives us time to wander in our own minds, think our thoughts and feel our feelings without needing to express it to others and without others requiring our attention. Being in solitude gives us a less stimulating environment, and then our mind can rest. 

Introverts are oftentimes very good at being in solitude since we can easily find ways to entertain ourselves when being alone. Many introverts like to read books, watch tv, listen to music, or do something creative or maybe wander in nature, to be wherever we can be alone with our own thoughts and feelings without interruptions. This is one reason why social distancing is really not so bad for an introvert since being in solitude is a norm for us, not an exception.

Introverts love introspection

An introspective person is someone who gives attention and focuses on his or her own thoughts, feelings and experiences. An introspective person likes to examine a lot how he or she is feeling about something and what his or her thoughts, actions, and experiences make him or her feel. Many of us introverts love introspection. Many of us like to examine our own conscious thoughts and feelings at a deeper level. What am I feeling? Why do I feel like this? Who am I? How do I feel about this event or person?

As an introspective introvert, I often find myself talking to myself or having an inner dialogue when planning something new or going through some past experiences. I tend to go through my thoughts and feelings and try to understand where do they come from and how do they develop and why.

Different kinds of introverts with some shared characteristics

Introverts are not just one type of people who all share the exact same personality traits and behavior. The personality traits of introverts vary to some degree due to the fact that we people are unique in our own ways with our own backgrounds, genes, experiences, etc.. There are many kinds of introverts, but still, we tend to have some things in common.

Not all introverts share these personality traits mentioned above, but I can imagine many of us introverts will find at least something that sounds familiar from these common personality traits of introverts that are listed such as feeling out of energy after socializing, having somewhat slow communication style, a strong need for solitude and own space, and some sort of tendency towards introspection.

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