About What Introvert?

What Introvert? is a website and a blog for all introverted people. The purpose of this website is to help us introverts understand our introverted personality just a bit better. At this website I try to help introverted people to see their introverted personality as an advantage in life instead of a drawback and something that needs to be changed. My objective is to provide you with some useful tips, tricks, and resources about what I have come across and experienced in my own life, what I have seen elsewhere online and what I have learned from other sources about introverted personality. In the long run I try to provide you with some useful information about introversion, especially information that I wish I had known when I first realised that I am an introvert myself.

Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Aki. I am the author of this website and the mastermind behind the What Introvert? concept. I am an introvert myself. Like many other introverts, also I found out at an early age that I am somewhat “different” from the big majority of people when it comes to social situations.



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Recent Blog Posts

Introverts love introspection

It is easy for us introverts to spend hours and even days in complete solitude. We like to spend time reading books, watching movies, learning new skills in subjects we like amongst many other things. Anything as long as we do not need to interact with too many people...

Job Search Tips for Introverts

Searching for a new job and applying to the next step of your career can be a very demanding and laborious process depending on your goals and situation in your life. Especially so if you are an introvert. For some introverts, the process of applying to a new job...

7 Common Misconceptions About Introverts

Misunderstanding introverts and our sometimes complex personality is very very easy. At least that is how it looks like from the standpoint of an introvert. There are several misconceptions about introverts, which are simply not right. Some common misconceptions may...

5 Common Personality Traits of Introverts

Many of us introverts have some profound personality traits in common. We introverts come in many shapes and sizes and also with different kinds of personalities and characteristics. In this article, I wanted to discuss some of the very common personality traits of...

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